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Best-Looking Cannabis Dispensary San Francisco 2014 - Barbary Coast

Barbary Coast

952 Mission

San Francisco, CA 94103


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South of Market has seen a lot of change — from marshy inlet to Skid Row to playground for twentysomething tech titans. Somewhere along the line someone had style. Turns out it was the Victorians. Imagine a leafy fern bar Henry Africa would recognize, with a taste of an Old West saloon, and a feather-headressed girl sitting on top of an old-time piano — except with weed. The spacious Mission Street space near Mint Plaza with finely finished wood floors, columns, and panels exudes class of a different era, and lends an air of speakeasy sophistication to a transaction that, almost anywhere else, is done quickly and quietly behind barred windows and in front of burly security guards. That means picking your medicine can be a discussion and not a drug deal. If cannabis cafes are ever allowed in San Francisco, this would be the first place we'd hang out — and we wouldn't feel strange wearing tweed to fetch our weed.

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