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Best Place to Stand in Awe of the Glory of Malt, Water, Yeast, and Hops San Francisco 2014 - City Beer Store

City Beer Store

City Beer Store

1168 Folsom

San Francisco, CA 94103


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A lot of stores in San Francisco sell beer, but then, a lot of stores sell condoms and toilet paper, too. City Beer Store is the place to go if you want a retailer that revels in beer, that really loves the stuff. The modernist space on Folsom Street is practically a temple to the glory of water, yeast, hops, and malt (and sometimes other ingredients) that go into one the world's oldest beverages. Organized like a friendly wine shop (but dedicated exclusively to foamers), City Beer Store holds vast refrigerators full of bottles, domestic and imported, that you most likely haven't laid your thirsty eyes on before. But it's not only good for shopping. You can sit down at the bar or one of the tables and order a glass from one of the 15 taps — or pay a $1 corkage fee and drink a recently purchased bottle right on the premises. City Beer Store also serves snacks like pimento cheese and fava bean hummus. Sure beats the corner store, eh?

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