Fresno? Fres Yes!

For many years, Fresno's greatest claim to musical fame was providing the Beastie Boys a rhyme for “get over on your girlie because you know she never says no.” But no more! It would seem that the influence of other noteworthy Central Valley indie stalwarts (like the Stockton area's Grandaddy, Pavement, and … well, those two bands, really) finally seeped into their southern neighbors' soil. Some exciting local talent has sprouted recently, ranging from the madcap home-taped micro-hits of Reid May to the icy boy-girl-boy-girl indie drawl of Rademacher. The latter group has been self-releasing EPs since 2004 and building a following on tour sojourns with the Joggers and Man Man, with whom it shares some melodramatic vocal quirks and occasional shambling moments. Though the licks and cadences from its valley elders are impossible to miss, the band still creates a brutally contemporary sound, and its onstage panache recently led Billboard magazine to recognize its “potential to break into the big time.”

Rademacher and the Parish open for Mezzanine Owls

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