Han, Not Solo

Yosh Han is a world-famous perfumer. Her product is carried by Barneys New York, for example. She’s big time, but she’s also a vigorous local citizen, interested in goings-on about town — as a result, tiny flagons of her special oil blends occasionally show up in small shops as low-fanfare limited editions. The ladies at Barneys would just die. Han even gives workshops; a recent one focused on perfuming possibilities in the smells of food. But Yosh Han is also a magician. Think contemporary sorceress, or very pretty shaman — her hands are like magic wands, complete with healing properties. Tonight, this enchanting creature reads your desires through the administration of attars and essences, and tells your destiny. In other words, she watches you smell things, and then tells you about yourself. As part of “Maira Kalman: Various Illuminations,” the evening is one of that exhibit’s MILTONs, or spaces created by the artist to foster unanticipated collaborations. Thus the event also features, in a case of really excellent overkill, Daniel Handler playing the accordion.
Thu., Aug. 19, 5 p.m., 2010

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