It Stands for NYNNYE, You Ninny

Next year is sure to be stranger than 2009, which makes it only fitting to ring the thing in with performances by three unconventional comics. Not Your Normal New Year’s Eve, dreamed up by San Francisco comedian Jill Bourque — who also created the successful, spontaneous Valentine’s Day shindig How We First Met — is a remedy to the conventional stand-up show. She recruited three comedians with a well-developed sense of the unusual and absurd. Will Franken, for one, has built up a devoted cult following with pieces like a dead-on impromptu press conference about dropping a pen onstage, a poetry slam face-off against a disenfranchised teen, and an impression of a middle-aged woman from Marin who accidentally ends up at his show. Brent Weinbach, meanwhile, has won some rave reviews by exaggerating his own alleged creepiness onstage and sharing a list of names he has come across while substitute teaching in Oakland (Jamonica, Concretia, Rock-Biter, and Tyrone spelled “Pti-Gmfk”). Moshe Kasher has a comedy album called Everyone You Know Is Going to Die, and Then You Are, and has successfully railed against Bernie Madoff for looking too Jewish, as well as asking his barber, as a Jew, to give him a haircut that will make him look like Hitler. Sounds like three good people to be around when the balloons drop at midnight.
Thu., Dec. 31, 10 p.m., 2009

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