Pedal Power

From The Jazz Singer on, innumerable family dramas and comedies have been driven by the children of immigrants restlessly (and often rebelliously) striving to assimilate into American culture. San Francisco filmmaker Hassan Zee opts for the lighter path in Bicycle Bride, a colorful, warm-hearted tale of true love triumphing over arranged marriage. Beena’s Muslim parents, determined to set her up with a decent husband but with no candidates at hand, fly in a potential groom from their native India. However, Beena has met a suave Swede and only has eyes for him. It’s hard to keep a bicycle upright when it’s pulled in opposite directions, and Beena has her handlebars full navigating the bonds of family and the weight of tradition. Zee, a Pakistani immigrant with a doctoral degree in medicine, who has produced numerous radio programs and directed two feature films since he came to the States a decade ago, is an inspired choice to launch the Bay Area Filmmakers Series, an ongoing program of locally produced movies. He also knows how to throw a bash; the 5 and 8 p.m. shows on opening night (June 25) include a reception with Indian dancers, music, and appetizers as well as the requisite Q&A with the director.
June 25-July 1, 2010

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