School Is Killer

DIY zine machine The Gorilla Press just published its first full-length book, Self-Portrait of the Poet Suicided by the MFA Degree, by recent SFState Universtiy MFA grad Justin Etc. Etc. was the recipient of the university's William Dickey Poetry Scholarship. He writes expansive word collages with meticulous detail, a poetry that, as Paul Hoover says, is “pruned to such a perfect excess, we would never want anything less.” Hoover calls him “a brilliant observer of American culture… a true connoisseur of our chaos.” From “a hummingbird hiking up its skirt”: “enslaved to ceramic doll frottage—/ the dreamy eroticism w/in the petite stabs at seventh heaven/ celestially horrific/ avec birdcage elevator orgasm imprimatur/ paralytic, nevertheless/ blatant Caravaggio ex cathedra mise-en-scène…” Printed in a limited edition, the books are handmade and will be available at the reading. Joining Etc. will be Amy K. Bell, author of The Gorilla Press long poem chapbook Book of Sibyl, and Jill Tomasetti.

Thu., May 29, 7 p.m., 2014

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