Sound Mind

Since 2006, Silicon Valley’s ZERO1 Biennial has offered guided tours of the Möbius strip running through art and technology. During the last festival this took the form of a zip line strung over a man-made marsh, a drive-in theater built out of salvaged cars, and a multimedia banquet based on 17th century Dutch still-life paintings, as well as 100 avant-garde artists, from Mexico’s LARP detractor Brody Condon to the UK collective Blast Theory. The Sound of Science offers a mind-bending pairing between the Exploratorium’s Swiss artist-in-residence, Pe Lang, and SETI’s first artist-in-residence, Charles Lindsay. Currently working on a kinetic sculpture for Pier 15, Lang is fixated by the voice of mechanical phenomena. Tonight, Lang performs “cl_loop” using a handmade electromagnet and sensor to channel the different tones emitted by magnets as they meet assorted materials. While trained as an exploration geologist, Lindsay received his Guggenheim Fellowship for photojournalism. As an artist he builds sculptures out of salvaged scientific equipment and performances out of appropriated recordings and video. Tonight, he offers a meditation on the emotional impact of experience mediated by technology, and a multimedia rumination on beyond-the-point-of-return space exploration.
Tue., Sept. 18, 7 p.m., 2012

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