The Adventures of Re-imagined boners

If you missed the show at Outside Lands this year, you've got another chance to see Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction here in San Francisco. Ten comics will get on stage at the Punch Line for one night of sexy stories featuring your favorite pre-existing fictional characters. Perhaps you'll hear of Scully and Mulder “doing it” or a certain android learning how to feel love — by making love. It's all very inappropriate and very funny and not at all legally actionable by the trademark owners because parody is totally protected speech, meaning any good American can come and hear other good Americans speaking of Magnum P.I.'s mustachioed boner. The show at the Punch Line will feature San Francisco comics such as Caitlin Gill, Nato Green, Sean Keane, and others, plus special guests all the way from L.A., reading and performing some of the world's funniest fan fic.

Tue., Nov. 12, 7 p.m., 2013

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