The Other Side of Bollywood

This year's 3rd i South Asian Film Festival marks 100 years of Indian cinema! Now in its 11th year, the festival is known for consistently putting together a program of progressive, and often controversial, stories out of cultures more commonly brought to light for their long-standing traditions. More than 20 films from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Canada, and the United States highlight women behind the lens and gender revolutions of the last century. Of particular interest this year are two different portraits of transgender individuals — in Mohammed to Maya, documentary filmmaker Jeff Roy follows an accomplished Muslim doctor as she travels from Los Angeles to Thailand for sexual reassignment surgery, while trying to figure out how to maintain her faith along the way. The other, a short entitled Performing Girl, gives us an inspiring portrait of transgender Sri Lankan-Tamil political performance artist D'Lo. 3rd i steps in to showcase the underbelly of South Asian culture where Bollywood falls short — check out the films as well as a number of panels and events, where you can meet many of the filmmakers.

Nov. 6-10; Sat., Nov. 16, 2013

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