Tripped-Out Heavy Rock

We cordially invite the long-haired, psychedelia-influenced rock musician community to “Olmec: Colossal Masterworks of Ancient Mexico,” because we really want to hear the resulting mind-blowing ballad called “Monument Q (Colossal Head).” This art inspires — nay, demands — the same sort of epic wonderment that made Double Rainbow such a hit; it is the kind of art that makes absolutely everyone, Grandma, hipsters, 2-year-olds, whatever, lean their heads back and say “Whooooaaaaahhh …” Carved stone figures of unnerving size, “large-scale thrones,” and “monumental stelae” join the exhibit's famous icons, the heads, with their at-one-with-the-universe expressions and, you know, massive weight. If these are not fit subjects for 12-minute-long guitar screaming and passionately philosophical lyricism, then we have badly misunderstood both existence and consciousness. Enjoy!
Feb. 10-May 8, 2011

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