Turn, Turn, Turn

Nearly anyone who appears onstage has gone through a “cattle call.” The phrase means “large-scale audition,” but it also means “in which most of the kids are beginners and the casting director hates them.” At The Experience, big-name choreographers conduct a weekend-long dance workshop in two tracks; professional and “up-and-comer.” They've worked with Miley Cyrus, Justin Timberlake, and the like (one's a Pussycat Doll!), and the intensive hours of instruction wind up with a performance (free to the public), directed by JesseLee Santos, who is a regular Britney Spears tour crew member and has PERFORMED WITH MADONNA. So in a sense, it's a cattle call. (Professional dance agents are prowling around; beware.) But instead of thinking about whether you're terrible or they hate you, kids, we want you to think about the other side of cattle calls: Watch A Chorus Line, All That Jazz, Stomp the Yard, and other classic group-type dance-hopeful movies as a warm-up, and realize that it's powerful and beautiful when a lot of people dance together, no matter what you call them.
April 2-3, 2011

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