• Mother Knows Best

    My mother has just left, and I am now in what's called the "puppet period." The puppet period occurs after a parent you haven't seen for a while... More >>

  • Bouncer

    Good intentions are usually the kiss of death for a club. "Yeah, man," says the hypothetical art gallery/modern dance studio/bar owner, "we... More >>

  • Air Supply

    Oxygen bars emerged in the Clinton administration, when those not full enough on the milk of aromatherapy turned their olfactories toward the... More >>

  • Mission to Bars

    Methinks there is nothing flakier than a part-time DJ. Most of the places that I show up to in order to listen to a particular DJ usually inform... More >>

  • Hawaii Oh No

    Most of the time I have good feelings about Gavin Newsom. I think he is doing some great things for gay rights, and it's nice to see a liberal... More >>

  • Caught in the Riptide

    The Sunset is the most David Lynchian area of the city. First, to get there you drive up the Lost Highway that is Market to Portola to Sloat.... More >>

  • My Date With the Yeti

    The lure was unmistakable. A bar called the Bigfoot Lodge in Nob Hill, complete with a giant Sasquatch greeting all who enter that looks like it... More >>

  • Bootyology 101

    British zoologist Desmond Morris, author of such works as Homosexuality in the Ten-Spined Stickleback and The Toilet of the Cutthroat Finch, was... More >>

  • Bouncer

    In 1929, a down-on-his-luck toy maker named Edwin S. Lowe picked himself up by his bootstraps and developed a game called Beano. It was modeled... More >>

  • Bouncer

    During one month in Indian summer of last year, according to a Stella Artois distributor who shall remain nameless, the Zeitgeist bar on Valencia... More >>

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