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  • The Whore Next Door: Intimacy and the Law

    The side of my face was pressed into the cool hardwood floor, my hands stretched out in front of my body, my ass high in the air. Sweat dripped all over me, and I was trembling. My breath deepened as More >>
  • We Come as Friends

    In case you thought that bad people weren't still doing bad things in Africa, Hubert Sauper's disturbing documentaryWe Come as Friendswill disabuse you of that notiontout de suite. Letting the people and events speak for themselves, Sauper documents the period More >>
  • Steak (R)evolution

    Faced with a title likeSteak (R)evolution, is it so wrong to hope for a movie in which cows genetically modify themselves into super-intelligence and overrun their corrals in a stampede of rebellion? (You could have scenes of dumbfounded cable news More >>
  • Memories of the Sword

    Park Heung-sik'sMemories of the Swordis a historical Korean action film that delivers plenty of what its title promises. It's heavy in flashback and backstory and doesn't skimp on the swordplay and frequently breathtaking action — including plenty of the gravity-defying More >>
  • Kill Your TV: Bachelor in Paradise

    The roots of the word "villain" are tied to the Latin word for "farmhand," or he who toils for another and is thus ignoble. Therefore, the term originally meant being someone's bitch, which makes sense because the reason villainy exists More >>
  • Learning to Drive

    Wendy (Patricia Clarkson) never bothered to learn to drive. Why would she? The always-in-her-head book critic lives in Manhattan, where she has myriad public transportation options, as well as a husband who drives. But once her professor partner Ted (Jake More >>
  • Digging for Fire

    Is there something about going mainstream — or, well, relatively mainstream — that's sapping Joe Swanberg's vitality? God knows he's entitled to a little slowdown after many years of matchless productivity in the DIY shoestring-indie trenches (although Swanberg's great filmmaking More >>
  • Know Your Street Art: Vets Alley

    Five years ago, Vets Alley was best known for its drug users and occasional dead body. Today? Most of the walls are covered in art, and tourists are a common sight. Bay Area Navy veteran Amos Gregory orchestrated the transition More >>
  • Wall Art at Walmart: Two New Exhibits

    Thanks partly to a legal settlement with a major online retailer, which was ripping off his work to sell posters via Walmart, Oakland artist Eddie Colla was able to travel to France and Thailand this year. There, he put up More >>
  • Sand Bar

    The room pulsates with the drunken chatter of dozens of young San Franciscans. They're packed in around the counter, two and three deep, at Black Sands Brewery, the latest addition to the Lower Haight. We arrive a little after nine More >>


  • Slipknot at Concord Pavillion
    Slipknot, and Lamb of God performed at the Concord Pavillion on Wednesday, August 26, as part of the Summer's Last Stand Tour. Photographs by Richard Haick.
  • Eat Drink SF
    Photographs by Michael Hendrickson.

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