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Artist Venue Price
29th Street Swingtet Cigar Bar & Grill
Alden Knight Hotel Utah $8-$10
Arctic The Chapel sold out
Avance Union Square Park free
Balance and Composure… Slim's $16
Benjamin Booker Brick & Mortar Music … $12-$15
Betty Roi Feinstein's at the Ni… $15
Bled Sorghum Second Act Marketplac… $5
Boris The Independent $20
Bozmo The Knockout $7
Brett Johnson F8 $5-$10
Bruce Ackley Berkeley Arts Festiva… $10-$20 suggested don…
Burning Curtains Brick & Mortar Music … $12-$15
Carol Luckenbach Zingari free
Caskitt The Honey Hive $10
Charles Unger Jazz Bistro at Les Jo… free
Cheryl Leonard Center for New Music
Chris Burns The Royal Cuckoo free
Condition Hemlock Tavern $8
Crimson Scarlet DNA Lounge $8-$10
Daniel Seidel Plough & Stars
Disemballerina S.F. Eagle $8
DWNTWN Bottom of the Hill $10-$12
Freddie Hughes The Royal Cuckoo free
Freddy Clarke & Wobbl… Yoshi's San Francisco… $15-$19
From Scars The Honey Hive $10
Green Beret Hemlock Tavern $8
Hard Left 1-2-3-4 Go! Records $8
Headless Lizzy & Her … DNA Lounge $8-$10
High on Fire The Chapel sold out
Hungry Skinny The Knockout $7
Hurricane Roses Milk Bar $5
Joanna Gruesome 1-2-3-4 Go! Records $8
Joel Gion & The Prima… Amoeba Music free
Jon Raskin Trio Berkeley Arts Festiva… $10-$20 suggested don…
Karen Stackpole Berkeley Arts Festiva… $10-$20 suggested don…
Koward Hemlock Tavern $8
Kvndry Sangs S.F. Eagle $8
Lara Price The Saloon
Laurie Morvan Band Biscuits & Blues $15
Leila Abdul-Rauf S.F. Eagle $8
Marriages The Independent $20
Names Second Act Marketplac… $5
Negative Press Projec… The Royale free
Nick Rossi Trio Cafe Claude free
No Flow The Honey Hive $10
Omnivorous Sensillium… Second Act Marketplac… $5
Pale Blue Dot Bottom of the Hill $10-$12
Ricardo Scales Top of the Mark $5
Rin Tin Tiger Milk Bar $5
Roadside Memorial DNA Lounge $8-$10
S&C S.F. Eagle $8
Seahaven Slim's $16
Sharman Duran Sheba Piano Lounge
Sharon Tate Fetus Exp… Second Act Marketplac… $5
Should We Run Bottom of the Hill $10-$12
Sony Holland Level III free
Spider Heart El Rio $7
Strange Hotel The Knockout $7
Tawnee Kendall Trio Hotel Utah $8-$10
Terry Disley's Rockin… Burritt Room free
The American Scene Slim's $16
The Fourth & King The Honey Hive $10
The Hogan Brothers Union Square Park free
The Parmesans Milk Bar $5
The Sad Tires El Rio $7
The Spiritual Bat DNA Lounge $8-$10
The Whiskey Brothers Albatross Pub free
Thollem McDonas Berkeley Arts Festiva… $10-$20 suggested don…
Tony Molina 1-2-3-4 Go! Records $8
Trenches Hemlock Tavern $8
Vollmer El Rio $7
Xochitl Hotel Utah $8-$10

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