A Lusty Lady Dancer Dishes Tips for Peepshow Patrons

Sandy Bottoms has been a performer at San Francisco's Lusty Lady for two and a half years. She identifies as a polyamorous queer femme, and she also dabbles in porn and independent escorting as well as history and activism. She belongs to the Bay Area chapter of the Sex Workers Outreach Project. Here she offers tips to those who visit the Lusty Lady. A version of this ran on her blog, Diary of a Peepshow Princess.

Having witnessed hundreds of patron's experiences behind the glass and visiting as a customer a time or two, let me give you a few bits of advice on how to get the most out of your trip to the Lusty lady peepshow.

Follow the rules: Whipping out your phone, fancy iPads and cameras makes us buck-naked ladies way nervous, even if you are only checking a text. Most of us are not out about our jobs and would like very much for our images to stay right were they are.

Don't pretend you're at the zoo: Remember when Tatiana the tiger mauled that obnoxious guy at the SF Zoo a few years back? Beware of harsh reprimands and flying stilettos if you dare bang on the glass or taunt us.

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