An Open Letter on What the Closing of the Eagle Tavern Means

The Eagle Tavern: It's only John Dwyer's favorite place to play.

We received a letter from a reader, S. Henry McCoy, about the potential closure of the historic Eagle Tavern in SOMA. We believe that McCoy, a human resources administrator at SF State, is a voice that deserves to be heard, so we share his letter with you.

I almost couldn't believe it when I heard that the rumor of the Eagle Tavern's closing at the end of April was more than just a rumor. I had attended its 30th anniversary celebration just weeks ago. But the chatter increased and details emerged, and the “Save the Eagle Tavern” efforts were launched. So I was compelled to convey my thoughts here, hoping that maybe, along with hundreds of other San Francisco community members, we could have some influence.

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