California Beats Rest of USA in the Most Google Searches of “2016 Worst Year Ever?”

Perhaps we were the most affected by this crappy year, or we just needed the affirmation?

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Google has released their 2016 search trends, with entertaining results. For example, “Pokemon Go” was the most popular global search term of the year, followed by “iPhone 7” and then “Trump.”

But Estately has arguably the most fun interpretation of these Google trends: an analysis on which state googled a phrase more than any of its counterparts. In this category, California won the phrase “2016 worst year ever?” complete with a nice little question mark on the end.

Note: his doesn’t mean this was the most Googled word or phrase by Californians, only that we searched for it more than anyone else. And the results of this kind of data analysis are fascinating:


New Mexico, with its penchant for aliens and space travel, looked up Mars more than anyone else. Florida appropriately hunted for information on the Zika virus. For some reason Alaskans got really excited by Pizzagate, Massachusetts closely followed the Ryan Lochte drama, and Mississippi was pretty into the mannequin challenge.

“We measured Google searches for world events, famous people who passed away and those who made news, things that made us laugh and cry and shake our fists, new movies and shows, and even the stupid memes and celebrity missteps that distracted us from the depressing misery that was 2016,” wrote Estately.

Whether or not this defines a state’s population or level of interest in something is up for debate, though it’s a fun way to summarize the utter chaos that was the year 2016.


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