Cats in Space, Art Therapy, and Virtual Reality Collide

VR company Upload draws people in through a unique series of events.

Image: Upload

With virtual Reality making headlines this year, one company has set out to make the latest technology fun, healthy, and intergalactic.

The 3-year-old San Francisco startup Upload VR hosts a number of events at its Mission Street location this coming month, including one titled Cats in VR that, while it may lack real cats, will include virtual ones, with proceeds going to the local SPCA to help cats in need find loving homes.

The events held at Upload are quirky and fascinating, but exhibit deeper levels of understanding of what VR can be used for. For example, a VR Art Therapy Workshop lead by Dr. Michelle Wang — an Emotional Intelligence (EQ) coach and international traumatologist who holds a doctorate in clinical psychology — gets participants to “explore facets of your personality you never knew existed,” and will help you “increase self-esteem and develop a greater self-awareness.” The event mixes mind, body, and tech with hopes of healing as a result.

One estimate states that the virtual reality market in 2022 will be worth upward of $34 billion. So while Upload may be in its toddler years, get used to seeing more cats in space in the near future — and someday, maybe even puppies.

Art Therapy Workshop, Saturday, Oct. 7, noon – 4 p.m., $10,
Cats in VR, Friday, Oct. 13, 7-9:30 p.m., $15,
1535 Mission St.,


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