Cher, Flip Wilson, Milton Berle: Gateway Drugs to Drag

Never thought of it? Um

I know it will be hard to believe, but as I said before, I was not born wearing a skirt. That, my dear readers, was something that tranifested itself much later in life. I don't even recall being that much interested in fashion, and my childhood fascination with Barbie was only due to her fabulous 3-story townhouse. That's not gay, that's just architecture. Mr Brady was an architect, and he wasn't a gay … hmm … wait a minute!

So how does it start? Well, it wasn't a Halloween excuse, for sure. I will leave that one for the insecure man (gay or straight) who needs the excuse to escape what they feel are the confines of masculine behavior. Why would you crossdress if it wasn't for a costume, right?

That's probably not too far off from what I originally thought, although to be honest, I probably never thought of it at all before I moved to S.F. and met a couple of seasoned performers.

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