Comic-Con Photos: Captain America and Futurama Toys, Plus the Solution to the Game of Thrones' Dire Wolf Problem

That gentle popping you hear is the arrival — via pneumatic tube — of another batch of Gil Riego Jr.'s top-shelf Comic-Con shots. This time, Riego has documented the convention's galaxy of new toys, action figures, and whatnot, including this not-a-doll of that newfangled Captain America. It's the new Cap, thankfully, the one whose retro-Ultimates look has at last liberated the character from looking like some inflatable you might see on the Fourth of July at a Duluth Chevy dealership.

But before we get to the other toys, here's an important exclusive:

Let's say you're a premium cable channel given to funding ambitious television series. And let's say you decide to adapt a no-end-in-sight fantasy series whose first book is longer than the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. And then let's say you get a cast of hundreds to Ireland, work nudity clauses into everyone's contracts, and then get to filming the choicest beheadings, disembowelings, throat-rippings, and general grimy fantasy awesomeness TV has ever seen.

And then you can't train the damn dire wolves. See, in the books, each of the numerous Stark children is paired up with a giant wolf that symbolizes stuff and shares their brains and deus ex machinas them out of life-or-death situations. But even on the Game of Thrones budget, those are prohibitively expensive.

So, what can you as a producer do? The answer:



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