Diamanda Galas Calls Street Artist Novy “An Opportunistic Infection”

In this week's SF Weekly cover story, “A Movement Defaced,” our art critic Jonathan Curiel surveys the work and ambitions of queer street artist Novy and others in the SOMArts show “A History of Queer Street Art.” (Novy curates the show.)

Curiel focuses on Novy's contention that too often accounts of the history of street art ignore the work of queer artists. Late in the piece, Curiel touches on controversies in Novy's personal life, most notably the bad blood between Novy and Jim Provenzano, the assistant arts editor of the Bay Area Reporter as well as an accomplished photographer and novelist.

Commenters on the online version of the story seem to have been inspired by that bad blood. One identifies herself as Diamanda Galas, the avant-garde composer and all-around force for cultural good. In an all-caps fury, this purported Galas calls Novy a “NO-TALENT INTESTINAL PARASITE,” Curiel a “CRAP SCHOLAR LEGIONNAIRE OF OBSEQUY,” and then barrels on from there for some 400 words. At one point, she brings Elton John into it.

(SF Weekly is waiting on confirmation from Galas that this comment truly comes from her.)

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