Did Target Rip Off an S.F. Muralist's Work?

If you’ve ever opened your eyes while wandering through San Francisco, which is generally how most people choose to wander lest they walk into someone texting, then there’s no way you could miss one of local artist Zio Ziegler’s many intricate murals, which adorn buildings and walls throughout the city.

[jump] So it’s no surprise that one of Ziegler’s fans noticed a backpack using his trademark freehand style for sale at Target under the Mossimo brand. What is a surprise is why the clothing giant would knock off a design without permission from an artist whose work is so highly visible (or any artist, for that matter). Didn’t they learn anything from the last time they faced these accusations?

The backpack, which is both listed online and presumably still available in stores, features the head of a giraffe designed using Ziegler’s unmistakable style. The bag sells for $29.99, a far cry from the $20,000 that the artist’s paintings have been known to fetch.

Ziegler has taken to social media to urge the shopping public to avoid purchasing this “counterfeit” item, and had this to say to Target and Mossimo:

SF Weekly reached out Target and Mossimo but as of press time no comments were made.

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