Don’t Eat Your Wheaties This New Year’s. Dance for 12 Hours!

The lineup for Breakfast of Champions is sickening. Just sickening!

Breakfast of Champions 2016 (Scott Fin Photography)

It’s always a surprise how many people claim to hate New Year’s Eve. (I mean, St. Patrick’s Day and SantaCon, sure.) Whether you want to be unconscious well before midnight strikes, or well on your way to a blackout-drunk, consider greeting 2017 at The Midway for this year’s Breakfast of Champions, presented for the 17th year in a row by Space Cowboys.

It starts at 6 a.m. and ends at 7 p.m., and you can still get a ticket for $35. It’ll be full of people shaking out the bad juju from an annus horribilis, along with food trucks, coffee, full bars inside and out, and plenty of porta-potties. Check out this lineup and see you there!

RIDE – Inside Main Room
6:00 AM Leyl Master Black
7:00 AM rrrus
8:00 AM Tamo
9:00 AM Ethan
10:00 AM Shissla
11:00 AM Bachelors Of Science
12:00 PM WhiteNoize
1:00 PM DJ Mes
2:00 PM Patricio
3-4:30 PM Marques Wyatt
4:30-6 PM Lee Reynolds
6:00 PM Dj Mancub

Gods & Monsters – Inside Side Room
6:00 AM
7:00 AM Captn’ Jay
8:00 AM Ren the Vinyl Archaeologist
9:00 AM Sol v Bass Ben
10:00 AM Nugz
11:00 AM DJ kev/null
12:00 PM Eric Riggsbee
1:00 PM Sychosis
2:00 PM ViaJay
3:00 PM Simo
4:00 PM Haute Mess
5:00 PM Erik Hz the DJ

Outdoor Tent
8:00 AM Lushbunny
9:00 AM Little John the DJ
10:00 AM Felix the Dog
11:00 AM Jeno
12:00 PM Brad Robinson
1:00 PM Josh Damon / 8Ball
2:00 PM DJ Deckard
3:00 PM Kapt N Kirk
4:00 PM Wes Smith
5:00 PM DJ ShOOey

Breakfast of Champions, Sunday, Jan. 1, 2017, 6 a.m. – 7p.m., at the Midway, 900 Marin St., tickets here.

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