Drag at the Castro: LeMay Eats Peaches


Contrary to most people's natural assumptions upon meeting me and experiencing my flamboyant nature, I did not grow up digging through my mother's and sister's clothing and lip-synching into a hair brush (although that did happen two weeks ago)! When I self reflect, (as we all should) and try to see if there were inclinations in my childhood that would clue me in to the fabulousness that awaited me, I don't come up with much. I do, however, have great recollections of the style and personality of my mom and her forays into fashion and her burgeoning womanly independence (Big words…I know darling.)

One frequent question I am often asked during my incessant interviews is “Who are your idols?” Well, to be honest, when I think about this, I am a bad gay and the best gay, all rolled into one. You see, I was not blessed with the Broadway show-tune gene, or the movie-actress-quote gene, (or the floral-arranging gene either, for that matter…not to mention tying a bow), but what I do have is the best mother, who taught me countless things about style, fashion, personality, substance, and perseverance.


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