Easy Target: DOMA Don'ts, Safe Sexts, and Polk vs. Rainbows


Welcome to a new column called Easy Target. Oscar Raymundo is the event coordinator at A Different Light bookstore and an editor at GayCities.com. He also writes the HomoTech column for EDGE Media Networks. Each week he alerts you to potential advances or threats to gaykind from the forces of the news media, politics, and popular culture — the front lines of the culture wars — in San Francisco and beyond. He also rates the personal risks being taken by those speaking up: Safe, Risky, or Dangerous. This week, President Obama's warning signs lower over the Defense of Marriage Act, and Fox News issues a state of emergency. Texting turns out to be a real life-saver. James Franco keeps acting gay. Polk Street residents go after gay colors and art. A Canadian gay boy has the worst “meet the parents” ever. And The A-List wants you – to give up what you have left of your dignity and argue over salad!


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