Five Sports-Themed Movies to Counteract the Super Bowl

Are you appalled by the prospect of turning your brain off for five hours during the national holiday that is Super Bowl Sunday? Do you dread making small talk between commercials with equally benumbed acquaintances? Then here's a batch of men-with-balls films guaranteed to reset your IQ, restore your faith in humanity, and/or feed your inner nihilist.

The Freshman (1925)
The great silent-movie comedian Harold Lloyd plays Harold Lamb, a bespectacled college dweeb who dreams of being big man on campus. Pigskin jockdom is the preferred route, then as now, but our scrawny, pure-of-heart hero lacks the “right” stuff. Or does he? The miraculous big-game heroics that send Harold out like a lion were shot at then-new Memorial Stadium on the UC Berkeley campus.

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