Get Ready for SlutWalk: Women Strip Down the Tired Old Rape Defense of “She Asked for It”

“Sluts say Yes,” reads one sign displayed at an antirape demonstration in Toronto called SlutWalk. The sign speaks to the issue that even though a lady may enjoy wearing a short skirt and displaying her cleavage — and that sometimes she says “yes” — that “no” still means “no” when it comes to unwanted sexual attention.

And this is exactly what SlutWalk, an international march coming to San Francisco on Aug. 6, is all about. Slutwalk began in Toronto, and since marches have occurred in the U.K., Australia, other cities in the U.S and are being planned for South Africa, India, and Malaysia/Singapore. The movement is dedicated to fighting “the stereotypes and myths of sexual assault and supporting a better understanding of why sexual assault happens, putting the blame where it belongs: on those who perpetrate it.”


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