Google Maps Has Ms. Pac-Man Mode Today - March 31, 2017 - SF Weekly
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Google Maps Has Ms. Pac-Man Mode Today

(Google Maps)

Having visited Googler friends at the offices on Beale Street and at the Googleplex down in Mountain View, I can confirm that the cafeterias are indeed a daily orgy of free, unlimited food.

But today, anyone can gobble up as much as they want, because Google Maps has a Ms. Pac-Man mode that lets you turn the streets of San Francisco into power pellets. Ms. Pac-Man’s appetite for small square dots and slightly larger blinking round dots is insatiable, but eating them all across town helps her maintain her spherical figure and Janice-from-the-Muppets-esque lips.

It’s easy to play: Find it on the lower left of the screen and it’ll zoom you in to the closest level. Then you just use the arrows on your keyboard to go chomp chomp chomp. (The difficulty is playing in SoMa, with its grid that’s oriented 45 degrees off from the regular compass points. It makes “up” and “left” a little ambiguous, but maybe I just panicked when Inky came to eat me, oh well.)

Is this a pre-April Fool’s Day phenomenon, targeted for the work week? Probably. We’ve inquired and will update accordingly. Have fun!