In Treefall, a Young Cast Rises at New Conservatory Theatre

A dress and a gun: Josh Schell (right) as Flynn and Evan Johnson as August.

San Francisco, in all its identities and identity crises, may be the perfect place for a play like New Conservatory Theatre Center's Treefall to spread its primal, jarring gospel of misaligned familial instincts, idiosyncratic faith, and sexual desperation. We, after all, are a varied bunch, never quite sure what being a “San Franciscan” really means, but knowing that somewhere in our sundry ways there's a common bond that goes beyond geography.

In Treefall,  New Conservatory Theatre director Ben Randle (Don't Ask, Doubt, Friends are Forever) has another ambitious work on his hand, from the daring pen of playwright Henry Murray. Randle has said he continues to be drawn to the provocative, and this post-apocalyptic story of three boys who cling to each other for sanity and survival's sake pushes the Randle oeuvre further into the fringes.

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