Instant Messaging Has No Rules — So Follow Your Own

Have you covered IM etiquette? How many times can you IM someone with no response before you need to leave them alone? When is it okay to IM someone who has the “busy” flag up? Also, I have people who yell at me for leaving my GChat status the same for too long. I want to know who is in the wrong, and I need an expert to weigh in.

~IM Lost

People yell at you for not changing your GChat status? Who are these snotweasels you chat with and why the fuck do they care what 2.5 words you put under your name? Just tell them that. You're welcome.

IM, aka instant messaging, is one of the most Wild West-y social platforms, especially since GChat came on the scene in 2005. Everyone sort of makes up their own rules and expects people to conform to whatever it is they themselves do. Therefore, alas!, there aren't any real answers. Just like The Matrix or Republican primary debates.*

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