Interview: Bruja Playwright Luis Alfaro on Assimilation, Teen Felons, and Witchery

Sabina Zuniga Varela and Armando Rodriguez in Bruja at Magic Theatre

Poet, playwright, community activist, and MacArthur fellow Luis Alfaro is no stranger to Greeking out. Bruja is his third in a series of plays adapted from Greek myths, the first two being Electricidad (Electra) and Oedipus El Rey (Oedipus the King). Bruja is a reimagining of Euripides' Medea, where a young Medea is taken from her home by her older husband to live in San Francisco's Mission District. Alfaro sat down with us to talk about assimilation, seeing contemporary themes in ancient works, and how art asks us to change.

You say you begin your plays with a question. What's the question with Bruja?

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