Created In Response to Melania’s Jacket

We really do care. Do you?

Image: Parker Molloy/Twitter

Things happen fast on the internet. A mere handful of hours after a photo of Melania Trump wearing a jacket emblazoned with “I really don’t care” on the back — worn as she boarded a plane to go visit migrant children in Texas, no less — went viral, two women created the website, featuring a slew of fundraisers for immigrant rights.

Parker Molloy, a senior staff writer at Upworthy, tweeted that she purchased the domain Thursday and redirected it to an ActBlue fundraising page created by Run for Something cofounder Andrea Litman. The site lists 14 organizations that you can donate to all at once. Your donation will be divided equally unless you request otherwise. 

At the same time, Etsy sites featuring products with the altered phrase have popped up. We’re betting that you’re going to see those at ICE protest on the regular.

It’s a small thing to buy a domain name and set up a fundraising site, but it’s just one reminder of the wit and intelligence that emerge when faced with such idiocy. It’s been a really, really shitty week. And it’s okay to laugh at some photoshopped jackets before pulling out your wallet and throwing a few bucks toward making this country a better place.  

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