It's a Long Story: Chicken John Hardcore

Yet again, it's hard to tell what ol' CJ's doing here, which is the whole point of his contributions to this space — to provide something different than the usual culture-blog function of telling you something either has happened or will happen, which is noble, but routine. That doesn't happen here, and, um, what's that they say in the DVD commentary thing? “The actors are saying this stuff, so don't blame us?” There's no reason to agree with everyone.* -HS

Once upon a time, 1940 or so, there was a kid. Name of Jimmy. Jimmy Long. Jimmy lived in the Ozarks with his 29 brothers and sisters. He was the youngest. “Brothers and sisters.” As may be obvious to some, the older brothers had sex with the older sisters and made much younger brothers and sisters. They had a farm. Jimmy never left the farm, nor did anyone EVER come to visit from off the farm in all his 14 years. One day, his parents took him to the circus, dropped him off and told him not to return; that they couldn't keep him anymore. And drove off. Without a penny in his pocket. Without any education or skill set. With little or no language skills. And totally un-socialized. That man stayed in the circus for 60 years. He made it work. Can you imagine the obstacles he had to overcome? Can we even compare it to something? Anything? I mean, can someone drop you off at Google or Cal Trans or Buy Rite and you're still there 60 years later?The point is it's not what you get it's what you do with it. Anyone can do anything if you give them enough money, enough time to practice and eliminate their predators, but people who can do anything with nothing — these are the people you wanna know when the shit hits the fan.

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