Kamau: Koll Is One Cool Comedian

looking good.

Welcome to Kamau's Komedy Korner.

OK first, let's talk about the name. I've always wanted to reclaim the letters “KKK” for the forces of good. And although I am aware that “comedy” and “corner” are not spelled with K's, this is my best chance. At least until some network buys my script for “Kamau's Kung Fu Kitchen.”

Every week, me and you are gonna talk about Bay Area comedy. See, I love it. And YOU don't love it near enough. Currently, San Francisco Sketchfest is in town — I say “in town” because most of the comedians in the festival aren't from the Bay Area. This makes Sketchfest the one time of year when it is actually cool to be a comedian in the Bay Area. But unfortunately, it's still not cool to be a Bay Area comedian. Well, I'm here to change that. Every week this blog is going to point you in the direction of my favorite Bay Area comedians and comedy events with the fervent hope that you will realize that our scene can stand-up to the best of NYC and LA. And hopefully, you and your people can pack Bay Area comedy shows in months other than January.

This week I'm slangin' some Alex Koll. Alex is sure to be some major Bay Area publication's best comedian soon, because, Alex is the best of what Bay Area comedy is known to offer.

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