Kevin Epps Screens New Short Films at the de Young

Straight Outta Hunters Point 2 from chris wilson on Vimeo.

The de Young is goin' off. That's normal-people talk for “in a project that is unprecedented for the Fine Arts Museums and unique in the museum world, the de Young launched a new program that fosters fresh connections between the museum, its audiences, and local artists and arts organizations.” Yeeeaw! The project here is the Artist Fellows Program, and it involves the museum giving time, space, and money to artists of lots of different kinds, not just traditional oil-paint types of guys. Dancers, musicians, and … a filmmaker.

One of those fellows is Kevin Epps, who made Straight Outta Hunters Point 2, above. This is what is meant by “goin' off:” supporting critical independent local voices. Nice work, de Young!

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