Neko Case Raffles Her Fully Restored 1967 Mercury Cougar for 826 National

This is my copy of Middle Cyclone. You can't have it. But you can maybe have the car.

Uncategorizable but country-flecked singer and composer Neko Case is inscrutable. Like her lyrics and song structure, her deportment is unpredictable and posessed of a feral generosity. These days, Case is busy giving away her 1967 Mercury Cougar, the one she supposedly has been working on herself, restoring it carefully to mint condition over the past decade. She named it Angie Dickinson! Having done that, she used the muscle-car to crouch atop, sword upraised, in what would become Grammy-nominated cover art for her record Middle Cyclone.

To benefit 826 National, the larger version of 826 Valencia's tutoring center/pirate grotto, Case is raffling off the gleaming beast and a bunch of other amazing crap. She explains the rest herself in this video:

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