No Way! Chicken John Wants to Talk About Burning Man!? Tired, Even for Him

Once every couple of years, San Francisco is famous inside itself for a man who goes by Chicken John. He once ringleaded a traveling circus, he thinks he started Burning Man, he doesn't even bother to hide the fact that he's a con man, and his campaign for mayor almost got him arrested. We've titled these contributions to reflect the only thing he can't do; please don't give him any money.
Ya gotta stay hungry… Ya can't get soft because we live in a rich city. Abundance. Because there are, quite literally, wars being fought right here in San Francisco. Did you know that our own Department of Parks and Wrecks wants to secede from the general fund and privatize our park system and has said so openly? How about the city gives out hundreds of thousands of dollars in parking tickets for people parking in front of fire hydrants that don't work? Estates (in the Mission, no less) worth dozens of millions of dollars that pay ZERO property tax? That almost 20% of PG&E's power is derived from coal? Holy shit. The list goes on and on.

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