Online Dating: Should You Worry About Your Privacy?

but not you

I finally broke down and joined an online dating site. However, I'm worried about my privacy, especially since I am a working professional and don't relish the thought of clients or business associates accidentally stumbling across my profile and reading about how much I liked
Amelie. Should I just get over it already or do I have a right to be concerned about not having control over who can see my private information?


Amelie? No. That will get you so much ass. Don't ever change that. 

I don't know about eHarmony, if that is indeed the site you joined, Mr. SecretPants, but OkCupid recently upped its privacy settings to tackle just such a concern. According to The Washington Post, it launched a new feature recently that allows users to pick and choose who sees their profiles. This is what the site sent in an e-mail to some gay male users, for instance:

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