Opening Night: Bi Bar Celebrates 'the Beautiful In-Between'

San Francisco once had a fierce bisexual 'zine called Anything That Moves.

Anyone who's ever gone looking for San Francisco's “bisexual community” will tell you: It doesn't really have one. Or, at least, the community doesn't have anything resembling a “central command structure” with landmarks such as a community center, a weekly newspaper, and a county supervisor or state legislator. Rather, it has a venn diagram — a whole collection of alt-sexuality circles (kink, political and social activism, sex work, polyamory, transgender concerns) with bisexual components. So the “community,” as it were, is that whole glorious population that lives in the overlapping areas.

Part of this is because society is dominated by duality, especially when it comes to sexuality. You're either gay or you're straight. Period. In society at large, there's little room for anything else. If you haven't “made up your mind,” there must be something wrong with you, fence-sitter. And it might surprise a lot of people, but within the LGBT community

here in the sexual mecca, there exists a small but fierce “border

patrol” made up of certain Ls and Gs who go out of their way to exclude,

marginalize, and openly vilify the “anything else.”

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