Put Your Damn Phone Away!

I have a friend who is glued to her iPhone almost all the time; sometimes she even checks her e-mail at red lights while driving. I tolerate this okay most of the time, but when we're out having a conversation or eating somewhere and she whips out her phone, it's not only irritating but mildly insulting, as if I alone cannot hold her attention. How can I tell her she's being an asshat nicely? Or at the very least to encourage her to get over her phone dependency?


Real conversation is so last year. Pretty sure I read that on Twitter. Why interact with the person across from you when you can just text someone else, then look around awkwardly until they receive it and respond?

It's one thing if your friend is a doctor or a really inefficient drug dealer who needs to keep her phone handy for on-call duties, but it seems that more and more we are now trying to fill all the voids and awkwardness of social interaction by simply not allowing them to exist. 

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