Q&A with Comedian Greg Proops: On the Best S.F. Haunts and Fuckin' Kindles

Stand-up legend Greg Proops (most familiarly of both the British and American versions of Whose Line Is It, Anyway?) returns to San Francisco three or four times every year. Although born and raised in San Carlos, Proops spent his formative years as a comedian here, and, as he will tell you, the city is forever an important part of his life. This Thursday, Aug. 2 through Saturday, Aug. 4, Proops returns to the Punch Line for stand-up sets and a live recording of his hit podcast The Smartest Man in the World.

He spoke with us by phone from Las Vegas last week. Talking to Proops is always a relaxed and unpretentious experience. Because he is a well-rounded, well-spoken man of many interests, the conversation is apt to go in unpredictable directions. This time around, it wound up focusing on men's apparel and American crime fiction.

Don't miss Proops this weekend — his stand-up sets are high energy, blazingly smart expeditions into the mind of one of the country's brightest comics.

When you come to San Francisco — as you often do — you must have certain rituals that you carry out, having lived here for so long and knowing the place so well.

Oh, yeah. My wife and I have our regular restaurants. If I'm lucky, I visit Will and Debi Durst and go to a ballgame. I'll go to Tosca for a drink. I love Boulette's Larder down at the Ferry Building — my favorite place for lunch in the world, and breakfast, too. If I'm on my own, I'll go to the old school places. I even went to Tommy's Joynt last year when I was there for a couple of days with the Whose Line guys. Had a brisket just for old time's sake.


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