Q&A: Photographer Alex Fradkin Captures the Left Coast

Photographer Alex Fradkin has spent the last five years traveling up and down the coast of California taking photos. Working with his father, environmental historian Philip Fradkin, he has created The Left Coast, a beautiful and thoughtful portrait of our diverse coast.

Alex Fradkin's photographs are at times surreal and at times gritty. In his lens, a truck tire buried in sand looks like a magical talisman, and a dead bird, picked so clean that only its spine is left, becomes more art than animal. His portraits bring us face to face with navy soldiers, surf punk guitarists, Taiwanese tourists and farmers, while Philip Fradkin's narrative weaves in and out, breaking down the coast into manageable chunks.

Fradkin, who will be speaking with his father at Book Passage this Saturday (August 20), tells SF Weekly what it's like to see the left coast through his camera's lens.


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