Quiet Lightning Gives SF Poet Sam Sax 30 Minutes to Prove Himself

Sam Sax

Benjamin Wachs
Supperclub San Francisco was the setting for Monday night's Quiet Lightning.

Did poet Sam Sax permanently change one of San Francisco's most unique reading series?

No — but they asked him to. They begged him.

Quiet Lightning's particular claim to fame amongst Bay Area literary readings is that it insists that its authors shut up. That's because series impresario Evan Karp got his start recording and posting videos of literary readings, and he found himself editing heavily.

He'd edit out the part where the author introduced himself, and talked about his work, and explained the context, and stammeringly apologized for having a cold … Karp cut all that out to get to the reading itself.

So when he co-founded Quiet Lightning with San Francisco writer Rajshree Chauhan, he later explained, “I thought: why bother including all the stuff I'd just edit out anyway?”

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