Recent Acquisitions: New Sculpture Brings Some Much-Needed Color to the Sunset District

Cultural institutions in San Francisco continually search for new acquisitions. Alexis Coe brings you the most important, often wondrous, sometimes bizarre, and occasionally downright vexing finds every Friday.

The Sunset can make a lot of big claims. San Francisco's largest district boasts Ocean Beach, 3.5 miles of white sand. There is nary a high-rise building in sight. Artist Richard Serra grew up on the Avenues. What it can't claim, however, is color. Proximity to the frigid Pacific Ocean ensures that the Sunset perpetuates this city's foggy reputation.

Bryan Tedrick's Pacific Breath, a new sculpture in the renovated Sunset Playground, brings much needed color to the area. “I don't typically use color. It was not a part of my original proposal, but I'm really happy that I did,” said Tedrick.

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