San Andreas Filming on Nob Hill — Look at All That Parking

This weekend we stumbled upon the filming of the earthquake movie staring the Rock: San Andreas. The crew was set up in front of VJ Grocery, which sits on Taylor at Clay — and as always — the most unrealistic aspect of the filming was all the parking. Forget the mentions of the movie featuring a cruise ship hitting the Golden Gate Bridge, you could have parked a boat on this street. [jump]
We watched for a bit as the stand-ins marked the scene where a man hobbles to the steps of the closed corner store with a bum leg and some lady takes her top off to wrap a tourniquet around it. Or, well, that's what it looked like, during this marking she just pretended to take off her sweater/shirt. 

And as we made our way around the set something caught our eye in the set-design area of the intersection — an SF Weekly newspaper stand with our current issue in it. As we snapped a picture of the sideways newsstand a staff member turned toward us and said “no photos, please.” Okay, that's fine, we see a bunch everyday.

According to the Mercury News, Saturday was the last day of shooting on the streets of San Francisco, so now we'll all have to wait until 2015 to see it hit theaters.

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