San Francisco Artists Adorn Walls of the Grand Hyatt

"Village of the Wind 2" by David Choong Lee

When the Grand Hyatt Hotel in San Francisco went through a remodel with a focus on local culture, it found the aesthetics it was looking for with Mission's Luna Rienne Gallery.

In 2013, the Hyatt commissioned Luna Rienne to curate seven large-scale paintings. The paintings were to capture San Francisco's art entirely, and to live on the hotel walls indefinitely as a part of the Hyatt's permanent collection. A committee comprised of Hyatt officials and Luna Rienne coordinators selected artists David Choong Lee, Mario Martinez, Damon Soule, Erik Otto, Ursula Young, and Reuben Rude. Once the artist were selected, they knew they had to document the process, beginning to end.

“It's our job as a gallery to document these events,” Luna Rienne curator Olivia Ongpin says. “We understood the awesome scope of the project from the beginning, and anticipated that the artists would make their best works.”

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