SF Open Studios: “Art Is Pointless” — and Really Fun to See — at Workspace Limited

We're not quite halfway through ArtSpan's SF Open Studios, which continue through the last weekend in October, but we've seen some great work so far. The first weekend we went to Workspace Limited, a 37,000-square-foot converted industrial space where more than 40 artists set out the wine, hurriedly slapped labels on their work, and opened their doors.

Workspace Limited is glorious and though at night a gaze out the huge windows met pitch black, it was easy to imagine the pounding mission sun supplying ample natural light for those lucky to have scored an upstairs studio. The crowd was less than banal, the way Burning Man vehicles look after you've lived here for a while — all flash and no substance. Thankfully, there was plenty of work to look at and a labyrinth of rooms to explore.

Most notable was the work of John Zaklikowski, whose room literally exploded with kinetic energy of dead technology. Motherboards and hard drives, CDs, and all the other stuff under the hood of your second self that when disassembled is just as useful as a brick.


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