Silly Pink Bunny: Jeremy Fish Goes for Bronze

The site of the former UC Extension building, at the corner of Haight and Laguna streets, was once anchored by a pink bunny sculpture. But now that the property's development is in full swing, the bunny has been removed, along with most of the other art there. The sculpture's creator, Jeremy Fish, says the property developer has promised his unusual work — along with the other walled art — will be back at the site at the end of 2015. Fish is already readying the bunny for its re-emergence, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that netted him the cost of refreshing his famous bunny. More than 300 people pledged a total of $53,253, which Fish will use to refurbish, strengthen, and bronze the bunny at a foundry. “My goal,” he says, “is to have it as close as possible to its original location as the official greeter at the gates to the lower Haight.” The Kickstarter campaign even inspired a name for the formerly untitled sculpture: Silly Pink Bunny. Makes sense, especially if the bunny will remain pink. Fish is working on that. “I would like to apply a pink patina or coating to the bronze statue,” he says. “However, since this is my first bronze project, I have no idea what is possible. We are aiming for a big pink bronze. However, I would be equally happy with a bronze-colored one.”

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