So You Caught Your Date in a Facebook Lie — Here's What to Do

but not you

I've been out on five or six dates with a gentleman I met online. The dates have been good so far, so I added him as a Facebook friend and he accepted. The thing is, right before our last date, he canceled on me, saying he had a family situation to deal with. But I saw on Facebook that someone “checked him in” at a dance party. The next morning, the tag was gone. What do I do? Do I confront him about lying to me? Is it possible he was mis-tagged?

It's possible. I've certainly had a slip o' the keys on Facebook and tagged the wrong person in a photo or status (especially when using my iPhone — apparently my thumbs are monstrous knobs of ineffectiveness). It seems to happen mostly to those who have super common names, so if your fella's name is Hazelnut, he's probably lying. Or he stars in a hilarious French butler sitcom because I literally can't imagine any other reason someone would be named Hazelnut.

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