So Your Boyfriend Still Has Photos of Him and His Ex on Facebook — Deal With It

Plaid to the bone

I've been dating a guy for a little more than a month now, and he still has quite a few pictures on his Facebook profile of his last girlfriend, like cuddly, coupley pictures. I'd estimate that about half of his profile pictures include her, and dozens more that he's simply tagged in. Frankly, they make me uncomfortable. But can I ask him to un-tag himself or delete the pics from his own profile? A few friends have mentioned that it might hurt the ex's feelings to be removed from his digital life, but I don't really buy that. They are trying to be friends now. It's been about 10 months since they broke up. What's the etiquette here?

~Ex Hex

I have this box in the far reaches of my closet. In it are love notes and mementos from past relationships dating all the way back to high school, as well as a Bananagrams game, which has no sentimental value, but which fit perfectly in there so I kept it. If a new partner came along and told me to get rid of my little love memento box, I would probably laugh in their face. I would also laugh if anyone felt threatened by the totally fetching Facebook photo of me and my high school boyfriend, who I recently realized looks like a budding Mitt Romney.

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